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OiV is a member of

Digital Radio


DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

In 1997 experimental DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) transmission has started on VHF.
Experimental DAB transmission from transmitter location Sljeme allowed listening to Croatian radio programmes (HRT HR1, HRT HR2, HRT HR3) in Zagreb area, on frequency 227,36 MHz (channel 12 C)
Experimental DAB transmission ended in February, 2011.

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) technology was developed for digital signal transmission on medium wave. This allows signal reception on MW with stereo quality and brings a variety of improvements like multimedia transmission and transmission of several programmes on single frequency.
From 2006 to 2011 OiV has been transmitting the programme Voice of Croatia with DRM technology on frequency 594 kHz from MW station Deanovec. Average transmitter power was 10kW. The programme was transmitted with parametric stereo quality using AAC+SBR compression.
Frequency 594 kHz was shared with other radio stations in Europe, limiting the transmission time only to daylight time. Transmission time was 08:00 – 16:00 CET.

Coverage area during the day:

Small mobile antennas are commonly used for signal reception, so the possibility of digital signal reception on MW depends on antenna quality and the environment at receiving location.
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