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DVB-T - Television of the New Era

Map and List of Digital Television Transmitters in Croatia

DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) is a standard developed for broadcasting of digital terrestrial television. The system is more resistant to various interferences than the analogue one and enables TV signal reception in much higher quality than possible in current analogue terrestrial TV.  DVB-T system also enables the introducion of new services and features like electronic programme guide (EPG), multi-channel audio, interactive services, conditional access, PayTV, and further development of high definition television - HDTV.

Historical Overview of DVB-T in Croatia

  • May 2002. - beginning of experimental DVB-T broadcasting from locations Sljeme and Zagreb - Prisavlje 3
  • during 2007 a project „Digital Istria“ started, which enabled Istria to be the first county in Croatia covered with digital terrestial television broadcast from additional 15 locations
  • in March 2007 experimental HDTV transmission started in Zagreb (location Zagreb - Prisavlje 3), and expanded during 2008 to  Split, Rijeka and Osijek
  • in July 2008 the Government of the Republic of Croatia brings Strategy strategy for conversion from analogue to digital TV broadcasting in Republic of Croatia
  • in September 2008 OIV starts the call center of the Government to help the viewers in transition from analogue to digital TV signal
  • in April 2009 by winning the public tender by HAKOM (Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency), OIV  becomes network operator of two national DVB-T multiplexes (MUX A and MUX B - standard definition, MPEG-2), and since May 2009 the digital terrestrial television is being introduced across the whole territory of Republic Croatia
  • in July 2010 by winning the public tender by HAKOM, OIV also becomes network operator of third DVB-T multiplex (MUX D - combined national/regional and local multiplex - standard definition, MPEG-2).
  • October 5th 2010, 12:35 local time: DSO - Digital switch over is completed.
  • February 2011, ended HDTV experimental broadcasting in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek.
  • October 11th 2011 till the end of the month: DVB-T2 experimental broadcasting in Zagreb (locations Sljeme and Zagreb-Prisavlje), using H.264 and CAS (Conditional Access System).
  • in July 2012 HAKOM has performed technical inspection for the purpose of determining if OIV is fulfilling conditions stated in permit for usage of radiofrequency spectrum RF-DTV-01/11 and found that OIV Ltd. meets the requirements for the provision of management services electronic communications networks for digital television multiplexes MUX C and MUX E. Broadcasting system used in networks MUX C and MUX E is DVB-T2. The first stage of implementation DVB-T2 MUX C and MUX E networks was completed after installation of equipment at 12 transmitting sites.
  • in December 2013 networks MUX C and MUX E are expanded with 5 new tranmitters. Achieved coverage is approximately 87.4 % of the population of Croatia.

Actual State of DVB-T in Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is divided into nine allotments. In each of the allotments DVB-T signal is being broadcast in SFN mode.
With completion of MUX A network over 98% population of Republic of Croatia is covered with digital  terrestrial television signal (over 95% coverage of each allotment). With MUX B signal over 95% of population of each allotment is covered.
With MUX D signal approximately 90% of population is covered with national programmes, and at least 70% of population within each allotment is covered with regional and local programmes, in accordance with the concession.
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