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OIV is a member of

Terrestrial Broadcasting

Besides long experience in analogue FM radio broadcasting OIV has also long experience in analogue shortwave (SW) and medium wave (MW) broadcasting. Regarding digital transmission since 1997 in operation was DAB transmitter located on Sljeme and since 2007 in operation was also DRM transmitter located in Deanovec.

Analogue TV broadcasting has been in operation since 1956, and since 2010 analogue switch-off and transition to digital TV broadcasting has started. Analogue switch-off is completed in October 2010 for national TV programmes and by the end of 2010 for local and regional TV programmes.

Digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (SD, MPEG-2) started in 2002 in Zagreb. From 2007 till February 2011 in operation was an experimental HDTV broadcasting (MPEG4, 1920x1080i) in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split.

In April 2009 OIV became a network operator of two national DVB-T multiplexes - MUX A and MUX B (SD, MPEG2), and in July 2010 OIV became a network operator of 3rd DVB-T multiplex - MUX D (combined national-regional and local multiplex in SD, MPEG 2).
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