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Playout service enables OiV customers to launch TV channels quickly and effectively. When starting a TV channel, you face a decision whether to build your own playout infrastructure or outsource playout to an established playout centre. The decision is usually based on cost, quality and availability requirements and distribution potential within the operational territories.
Due to uniqueness of Adriatics region it is also important to keep in mind localization issues (audio and subtitles) and ad insertion capabilities of playout platform of choice.
OiV addresses these challenges by providing a highly available and robust playout infrastructure as a managed service. The service is accompanied by distribution of TV channel: over fibre to pay TV operators in Adriatics region, over terrestrial network in Croatia, over satellite uplink to a customer preferred satellite operator, via Internet and mobile streaming.

Playout Centre as a Service

The service includes:

  • 24x7 transmission of a TV channel (including commercial breaks)
  • 24x7 transmission control with full monitoring of audio, video and ancillary data
  • channel branding graphics insertion/overlay
  • real time transmission of open subtitles („burn-in“ subtitles), teletext subtitles or DVB subtitles
  • real time transmission of multiple audio streams
  • workflow automation
  • asset management and storage
  • compliance recording
  • regular delivery of „as run log“.

OiV Playout Infrastructure

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