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Media Content Formatting and Packaging Services



OiV content formatting and packaging services provide means for efficient launch of content-based services, such as Pay TV, Video-on-Demand, TV-on-Demand, Mobile TV, Internet TV to telecom operators and cable MSOs.
OiV operates multi-region multi-operator interactive TV platform providing wholesale services to telco operators and cable MSOs. The platform supports live services, content-on-demand, value added services and is capable of content delivery over three screens (TV, PC and mobile).
OiV today serves hundreds of live IPTV channels and a rich library of VoD content. New customer operators are free to choose from our existing content database or have OiV implement customized tailor-made content offerings.



  • Pay as you grow: No capital expenditures required; the services are charged as used.
  • Time-to-market: With OiV Interactive TV, you are ready to serve customers in weeks.
  • Rich content offering: Use OiV content database or use OiV platform to serve your own.
  • Rich service offering: Pay TV, EPG, VoD, NPVR in different flavours, Value Added Services.


How it Fits

Considering to roll out IPTV/Interactive TV?
OiV will gladly assist you in testing our wholesale business case.
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