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On existing OiV sites various kind of radiocommunication and telecommunications equipment is installed such as: radio and television broadcasting equipment, GSM / UMTS / LTE equipment, equipment for microwave links, wireless equipment, satellite reception and transmission antennas and devices, etc.
For potential operators we offer collocation for antennas on our poles and masts, air-conditioned rooms for equipment, primary and backup electrical power source, uninterruptible AC and DC power supply. Primary power is supplied from the mains power system. Backup electrical power, on OiV's main locations, is obtained from diesel power generating unit and our major facilities are equipped with two diesel power generating units. AC uninterruptible power supply is obtained from redundant UPS devices, and DC uninterruptible power supply from DC system with doubled batteries in the n+1 configuration.
For all equipment the operator wants to install on OiV locations we offer design, installation, maintenance, and remote control services.

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