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Capacity Services

Possible data capacity/speed range:
  • E1 (2.048 Mbit/s),
  • E3 (34.368 Mbit/s),
  • DS3 (44.736 Mbit/s),
  • 100M Ethernet,
  • 1G Ethernet,
  • 10G Ethernet,
  • STM-1 (155.520 Mbit/s),
  • STM-4 (622.080 Mbit/s),
  • STM-16 (2,488.320 Mbit/s),
  • STM-64 (9,953.280 Mbit/s).
Leased line service can be performed through various transmission systems:
  • digital microwave link system, which includes high-capacity network based on SDH technology and access connections in cities
  • optical links system based on DWDM and CWDM technology

Service is provided by very high reliability systems with very high degree of redundancy.
Network backbone involves all regional and county centers of Republic of Croatia, minor cities, islands and many locations which are interested in by our bussines partners.
Due to the request of a business partner, there is possibility of connecting points that are not included in the existing Transmitters and Communications Ltd. in a way to build the necessary directions and provide everything for service providing purpose.
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