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OIV - Company History



It all started on March 29th, 1924 - when radio enthusiasts from Zagreb joined together to form the Constituent Assembly of the Radio Club Zagreb, choosing for president dr. Oton Kučera, an astronomer and physicist. Three months after the Administration Board of Radio Club Zagreb sent an application to the Government of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in Belgrade, requesting the authorization for them "To start broadcasting in Zagreb at once ", mentioning that " Funds for that purpose had already been raised".


After a concession has been issued to a group of members of the Radio Club Zagreb, the Government finally gave its approval to the foundation of the join stock company Radio Zagreb and the set up of related draft regulations. For the first time, radio station transmitter of 350 W sent a dedicated program into aether on the wavelength of 350 m (Medium Wave – MW), at the location of Markov trg 9 in Zagreb.


The transmitter location in town wasn't one of the best, so a better site was looked for, and found in the village of Otok, on the other bank of the Sava river, near Zagreb. In 1932 the building and an antenna were erected on that location and the transmitter was moved to the site from Markov trg, in 1933. Although it was the same equipment as before, because of better location, better ground conductivity and better antenna, the Otok transmitter doubled its range in comparison to what it was on its previous location.


The Otok transmitter could not cover the whole of the Croatian-speaking territory. The staff of Radio Zagreb was considering the increasing of transmitter power.  When Radio Zagreb become a state enterprise on the 15th of May, 1940, the new administrative body started considering the possibility of increasing power for the Otok transmitter as well as the construction of a new, more powerful one that would be located in such a place that it could cover most of the Croatian territory. At night, that same transmitter would be covering most of Europe too, thanks to its space waves.


A great step ahead towards the improvement of quality for the reception of programs was made in 1949 when the medium wave Deanovec transmitter of 135 kW was set into operation.


On the 30th anniversary of Radio Zagreb, the first television transmitter in what was Yugoslavia at that time, was put into operation from the lodge of "Tomislavov dom" on Sljeme mountain, above Zagreb. That was beginning of a communication media that would change our way of life and our habits.


From June 11th, 1957 onwards, the transmission of radio program on the FM band offers a new quality and, soon after that, the stereo technology too.


On May 15th, 1966 the UHF transmitter of 10 kW starts working and broadcasting TV pictures in color. Test color signal was transferred via microwave links from Rome. At the same time as radio and television transmitters were built, a network of microwave links was set up, interconnecting the transmitters with the radio and television centers.


In 1986 the first professional satellite receiver is installed, and in 1992 the transmission of analogue programs from satellites begins. The digital satellite program starts with its transmissions on August 11th, 1997.


The DAB transmitter was set up in 1998 on Sljeme, and in 2002 we started the test transmission of DVB-T programs.


The company Transmitters and Communications Ltd. was established by the Declaration on the establishment as an independent company with limited liability in connection with the division of the Public Institution Croatian Radiotelevision on two subjects: the Croatian Radiotelevision and Transmitters and Communications Ltd.
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