Oct 05, 2010 DSO - Digital switch over in Croatia is completed
October 5th 2010, 12:35 local time: DSO - Digital switch over is completed. ...more

Mission and Vision


Transmitters and Communications Ltd. provides terrestrial and satellite broadcasting services for radio and television, build and lease electronic communications networks, lines and infrastructure, provides multimedia services as well as other professional services in the field of electronic communications, particularly taking into account the quality of service and customer satisfaction, sustainable development, energy efficiency and environmental protection, social responsibility and obligations it has as a company of special interest to the Republic of Croatia.


Strengthen the position of the leading provider of digital radio and television broadcasting services and provide fast Internet access and other communication services for public sector and business users in every settlement in Croatia through the high quality electronic communications infrastructure.

General and specific objectives

Strengthen our position in core businesses and developing new services
  • Consolidate the position of the leading operator in the Republic of Croatia in the field of terrestrial broadcasting.
  • Continue to expand telecommunications services, in particular through increased telecommunications capacity in the fiber optic networks.
  • Continue expansion of multimedia services.
  • Meet the needs and desires of customers and accordingly react promptly to all areas, especially in telecommunication services, digital television and new media services.
  • Continuously work to improve the quality of all services.
Maintenance and development of electronic communications infrastructure and related equipment
  • Maintain a position among the leading infrastructure operators in Croatia.
  • Continuous work on the maintenance and development of infrastructure and improvement of services.
  • Continuous care of all aspects of environmental protection.
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